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Over the course of my Olympic, Modeling and Fashion career, I have come to realize that success is not destined to everyone. Indeed, some of us have talent, strong determination or fortitude and the “eye of the tiger” and faith to be our very best. Some overcome or create the surroundings to achieve their dream. I have learned the obstacles some face on the path to achievement are the basic human rights of equal opportunities and personal empowerment. The pursuit of excellence unites mankind and there is an inner spirit and echo of all who strive for something. I’d like to see everyone empower one another and team up to give all youth the opportunity to GO FOR IT. Winning is an inside job and attitude is everything it takes all of you to the distance and little more to go for the gold. That is why in 2018, Off the Ice Foundation (Est. 2010) evolved to become Allison Baver Foundation to empower our next generation.

Arising from my Olympic and Modeling experiences, and on conversations with champions, achievers and business leaders around the world, our Foundation developed projects that invest in youth who we believe to be our future.